Dave Vasilevsky
Senior Developer
Evolving Web
I've been a member of the Drupal community for several years, but only in the past two years have I started contributing to Core. (Thanks, mentors!) At Evolving Web, I do back-end development, provide technical leadership, and maintain infrastructure. I've worked on projects for organizations like the Linux Foundation, McGill University, and the Council for Responsible Nutrition. In addition to Drupal, I've contributed to open source projects such as Firefox, Fink, and KDE. I've spoken twice at DrupalCon before: Test Driven Drupal Upgrades in Los Angeles Using Blackfire.io to Profile Your Loading Time in New Orleans There are also a number of smaller events I've spoken at, including DrupalNorth, DrupalCamp NJ, MidCamp, and NYC Camp. I blog about Drupal migrations as well, for example here. I have made a number of contributions to the D8 Migrate effort, including much of the work in getting translated nodes working.