General Reminders

Update your session title and description

As you are working on your talk outline, if you would like to modify your session name or details, please log in and edit the session directly.

Check your day and timeslot

Please double check your day and timeslot.

Use your speaker code to get your ticket

You should have received a speaker code in your email. If you have not already purchased a ticket, please use your speaker code to get your ticket ASAP. We're working to finalize catering and attendance numbers and don't want you to get left out!

Get feedback

It is common for good speakers to share their presentations with others before they give them — either in the form of slides, slides with notes, or a full run through.

We are using for session feedback. To claim your talk on

  1. Register and log in to (use the legacy version of, because the new version does not support claiming talks yet)
  2. Visit MidCamp event page on and click on your session.
  3. Click on the Claim talk button.
  4. When your claim is approved, visit the session page and update the session description, add a link to slides, etc.
  5. Include the short URL to your talk on your feedback slide.


Screen ratio

The keynote room is 16:9. All other screens are 4:3.

Reveal.js template

You can use any presentation program for your slides, but we made you a nice Reveal.js template. To use it:

  1. Clone our reveal.js repository (git clone [email protected]:MidCamp/reveal.js.git)
  2. Switch to midcamp-2017 branch.
  3. Build your slides in index.html using demo.html as reference for Reveal.js functionality.

Example slides to include

No matter what presentation software you use, we recommend including the following slides:


Please keep in mind accessibility issues when organizing your slides:

  • Plan to describe images you use if they contain content relevant to the presentation, for people who cannot see them.
  • New vocabulary/techy words are nice to have written on slides, especially for those in the audience who are not native English speakers.
  • Upload your slides to ahead of time, so that people could use screen readers with it or zoom in to see text on their local machines.
  • Keep in mind contrast ratios of text/background colors.
  • can be pointed at the raw html and do an evaluation.

If your session is in BlackMesh Room 206AB, which will have live captioning please forward a copy of your slides or talk outline to [email protected] so that we can pass it on to our live captioning consultants.

Other formats

If you make a template in another format: PowerPoint, Google presentation, or Keynote, and want to share it with others, please contact us.


Slide template questions?

  • IRC: #midcamp
  • tweet: @midcamp
  • email: [email protected]
  • Use github (pull requests and issues).