Drupal is known for being a powerful platform with a steep learning curve. This course will give you an introduction to the world of Drupal and soften that learning curve so you can get up-to-speed with Drupal quickly. We'll cover fundamental Drupal concepts and terminology, and give you the hands-on experience you need to dive deeper.

Whether you're a developer using Drupal for the first time, a content editor looking for an introduction to Drupal administration, or a site builder wanting to know how to structure a new Drupal website, this course will get you started on the right foot.

The course includes step-by-step exercises to help you understand the process of creating a Drupal site. It also includes independent exercises to help you think through the process of building out a website for your particular use case or organization.

Learning Objectives

You'll come away from the course with knowledge of:

  • Drupal concepts and terminology
  • The benefits of using Drupal and how it compares to other systems
  • The process of creating a new Drupal 8 website
  • Drupal core functionality and how to use contributed modules
  • Confidence to dive deeper into Drupal 8


  • Drupal 8 concepts, terminology, and overall architecture
  • Creating content types and using fields
  • Using taxonomy, and menus to structure your site
  • Managing users and permissions
  • Creating layouts with blocks
  • Organizing your content with Views
  • Installing and configuring contributed modules

Who Will Get the Most Out of This Course

You're new to Drupal and looking to get a base of knowledge so you can dive deeper into Drupal.

Development Environment

You need a fresh install of Drupal 8 on your laptop to use for the course. Before the course, we’ll send you step-by-step instructions on how to set up Drupal 8 using Acquia Dev Desktop. You can also use a LAMP, WAMP, or MAMP environment if you already have this set up, but we recommend Acquia Dev Desktop.

2017 -
9:00am to 5:00pm