Saturday, April 1, 2017 -
9:30am to 10:15am

Session video

It’s a controversial subject, but Facebook Instant Articles, Google AMP, and Apple News are changing the way mobile web content is consumed. These services run parallel to what Drupal does best: managing content. They welcome and perhaps pressure sites to distribute content through their own platforms. Is this something that we, the Drupal community, should be concerned about? Should we embrace these new technologies and utilize them when it makes sense? If so, what are the implications for site content? Most importantly, how should we advise our clients when they ask us for expertise on these services?

Competing web standards and who controls traffic are polarizing issues. In this session, we're not only going to discuss the most popular competing mobile article content standards, but also get an overview of how they work, what solutions currently exist in Drupal to utilize them, what it means for developers, what it means for content editors, and the pros and cons of each technology.

This issue won't go away anytime soon—we, as a community, cannot let these technologies be overlooked as they continue to grow in popularity. Let the battle for mobile web traffic begin!