We've been hard at work planning next spring's camp, and would love help from you and your companies!  We have a great new venue, additional rooms, and even more desire to bring together the Drupal community, and bring out community to others.

MidCamp 2017 is moving to the DePaul University, Lincoln Park Campus in Chicago on Thursday, March 30th through Sunday, April 2nd, 2017 and will be bigger, better and even more enjoyable.

For 2017, MidCamp offers a variety of sponsorship packages that are designed to provide improved exposure, greater flexibility, and more opportunities for companies and organizations to sponsor, regardless of budget. By directly sponsoring MidCamp's venue, meals, events, and entertainment, attendees will better understand the direct connection between your sponsorship dollars and an enjoyable, successful camp. 

Because there are only a limited number of sponsors for each package, it also means that your brand will better stand out in the crowd, resulting in greater return on investment.

Download our sponsor prospectus here:

A slice of MidCamp in Ireland:

The one and only Avi Schwab presented MidCamp Madness and Planning Human-Centered Events at Drupalcon Dublin in September.  It is a window into the things that all of MidCamp's volunteer organizers have thought of, and learned, on how we put together the event with the attendees in mind.  If you weren't there, you can watch and listed to the presentation at: